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Some of my favorite sentences…

**Check out! “An undercover cupid who specializes in bringing talented writers together with astounding literary agents in not so romantical but magical ways.” Cupid’s set up a contest in which 100 writers sent in queries and the first 250 words of their manuscripts. Then there are four bouncers who decide who goes to round 2. In round 2, twelve literary agents review the entries and decide which ones they’d like to see more of. My entry goes up next week!**

And now back to the regularly scheduled programming!

The agency I sent a query to today had an online form to use to submit the query. One of the fields on the online form asked that I tell them one of my favorite sentences from the manuscript I was submitting to them.

Ok, so we all know how hard it was to decide on my favorite line of Anna and the French Kiss, right? (Which, by the way, I’ve changed my mind about repeatedly ever since I wrote that post. But oh well.) Can you imagine how hard it was for me to decide on my favorite line of the book that I WROTE? I thought it was super cool of the agency to include that question, and super mean too. So hard.

Here’s what I went with:

“You know this is a LOT?! That’s the super Seeker comfort speech you’ve prepared?!”

I don’t know if that’s the best pick for a query, but it is one of my favorite things that my MC says. It’s just SO Harper. (My MC.)

And here were some other contenders….

  • I’m no expert or anything, but I’m reasonably sure they don’t make boys like this back home.
  • I’d perfected the ability of mixing sweetness with sarcasm, to the point where the other person could never be quite sure if I was being rude or not. It’s an art, really.
  • “You think he doesn’t know he’s hot? Guys that good-looking always know it, Harper. They expect us to stare at them. They’d be all freaked out if we didn’t.”
  • “I’m,” Lord help me, “a fairy.”

All of those are faves just because of what’s going on in the story at the time that those lines appear. They make me laugh.

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