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I’ve been tagged! 11 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

So I was just clicking around, minding my own business, catching up on my blog reading, when I discovered that the lovely Ashley has tagged me! This means you get to learn all kinds of things about me that you didn’t even know you needed to know!

But you do. Need to know, that is. Knowledge is power and all that.

So here are Ashley’s eleven questions, and my answers.

1. Writing or reading, who is your favorite character and why? There are a LOT of great characters in recent novels that I could name here, but I think I’ll go with a classic. Elizabeth Bennett, Pride and Prejudice. I love the kind of girl she is…she’s ballsy, good at figuring people out, and not afraid to go after what she wants even if it goes against social conventions. And she’s funny. I always like funny.

2. What’s your favorite color? Red. I’m a redhead,…so…obviously.

3. Your favorite book-to-movie movie? The Princess Bride. No contest.

4. Favorite book? It changes daily. Since you guys are all well aware of my love for a certain book that you’re probably tired of hearing about (it rhymes with Manna sand Huh Smench Miss), I will choose something else. Tomorrow I’m posting a “Books to Love” entry about Anna Dressed in Blood, so I won’t pick it for this answer either. (You like how I’ve already kinda named two books and still not answered the question, don’t you?) So. Officially. At this very moment. My answer is…(deep breath)…(this is stressful for me)…(like you’re making me pick a favorite child)…OH!

If You Lived Here I’d Know Your Name by Heather Lende. It’s nonfiction, written by a journalist who lives in Haines, Alaska. Basically it’s just a collection of various stories of what life is like in Haines- which is 90 miles north of Juneau and you can pretty much only get to it by water or air as long as the weather is good. Alaska, in general, fascinates me, and I can read this book over and over.

5. Do you have a pet? If so what kind and name. I have a black lab, Storm, and an extremely large orange cat, George. Actually, Storm is extremely large too…but she’s more sensitive about it. George owns it.

6.Aside from writing, what’s another hobby you enjoy? Reading. But I think that pretty much goes along with writing, so I’ll pick another one too- making stuff. Like, currently I’m obsessed with making things to decorate my daughters’ rooms. I’m all over Pinterest trying to get ideas of wall art that I could replicate.

7. Have you ever visited another country? If so, where did you go? Yep. I’ve been to Mexico, Canada, England, and France.

8. Have you ever went sky diving or bungee jumped or something crazy like that? No. I believe that all normal people in the world, with correctly functioning systems of common sense, can have fun with their feet ON the ground. And the rest of you are insane.

I *might* have a *teeny* fear of heights.

9.What’s one word you would use to describe yourself? Organized. (Sometimes to the point of being completely inefficient.)

10. What is something you have to have on you at all times? Clothes.

11. What’s your favorite website? (Maybe writer’s resources?) Oh man, it depends on my mood. The website that gets the majority of my time is probably Twitter. I have this morning routine of checking twitter, checking email, checking facebook, and then making the rounds of the news web sites (CNN, MSNBC, AOL, in that order. And I know AOL probably isn’t considered a “news” web site, but that’s what I use it for). I don’t generally browse writer’s resource sites, i.e. AbsoluteWrite, VerlaKay, etc, unless I have a specific question that I need an answer to. I did a LOT of that when I was just starting to query. But I do love blogs. Any blog. Writer, reader, random person, I do not care. I love them.

Thanks Ashley!

4 thoughts on “I’ve been tagged! 11 Things You Didn’t Know About Me”

  1. OHHH!! We have some things in common! I LOVE Elizabeth Bennett! And I love both book and movie of The Princess Bride, red is like my second favorite color (my boyfriends favorite, though!) Love your answer to number 10 hahaha!! Sadly, I'm not very organized, but time management–I have that! lol.

  2. I KNEW you were fabulous! And yeah, how could anyone not like The Princess Bride (book or movie)?? My husband still hasn't watched it. Something about having \”princess\” and \”bride\” in the title messes with his need to appear manly. He's cute so I let it slide.

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