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In which I vlog for the first time….

In case you missed it on Twitter today….I vlogged. I explain why within the vlog, so I’ll just go ahead and let you watch it….

I really really LOVE the place where YouTube chose to freeze my face. I mean, I love it. Of all the faces I make in the vlog, THIS ONE is so my favorite.

AND I’d love to hear your random facts about yourself- tweet them to me, and use the hashtag- #randomyoufacts. Take some time to read through the ones people have already left, because holy crap they’re fun.

NOW- to clarify-

At the end, when I start rambling (um, even more than I was rambling to begin with…) I say something really stupid about how I would make celebratory vlogs for my critique partners when they get agented EXCEPT FOR THE ONES WHO ARE OR PRACTICALLY ARE.

That was lame, guys. Leigh Ann even said so.

I did not mean it. Even thought that’s what I said. I lied.

The thing, is I have a few critique partners who are like RIGHT THERE about to have an agent. Plus my girl Gina who is TOTALLY AGENTED. And basically, I was trying to avoid having to vlog again very soon because I found the whole process kinda stressful.

Basically, I was being so ridiculously selfish.

So I take it back!! I’ll do celebratory vlogs for every one of my CPs! I’m even gonna go back in time and do one for Gina, in which I will re-enact my reaction to her “I got an agent!” email. (Minus the crying, because I can’t cry on command, plus it’s unattractive.)

And also, I said something about how I would be vlogging super rarely. Turns out, that’s a lie. More info on that to come!

10 thoughts on “In which I vlog for the first time….”

  1. Hi other Gina! Megan. I can't take how cute you are. And OMG, please, PLEASE reenact your reaction to my news, I am now dying to see this. But totally include the crying. If I could do a vlog with my hair a hot limp mess, you can totally cry :)))

  2. I'll pull out the eye drops and fake cry JUST FOR YOU. I wish I had screenshots of all of our tweets on the day John emailed you- it was so flipping great! It will be so fun to re-live it again!!

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