Love Letters

I got all nostalgic today and started going through this huge box of things I’ve kept for years- mostly high school memories- graduation announcements, photographs, yearbooks, prom dance books, etc. But BEST OF ALL- the letters.

Oh my gosh. The letters.  They are AMAZING. Letters from my friends about absolutely nothing (literally: “Hey, I did you see my new shoes?”) or from the girlfriend of my ex-boyfriend (“Why did you break up with him?”) and best of all, from boyfriends (“I love you.”) Because, come on, high school “I love you”‘s are so BIG and ENCOMPASSING and NOTHING WILL EVER MATTER MORE THAN THIS BOY SAYING HE LOVES ME.

Until you grow up and realize there are so many things that will matter more.

I found the diary I kept in 7th-8th grade. Here’s the very first entry-

End of the year dance! I danced with Aaron, Justin, Chris, Danny, and Jeremy. Aaron sang  “I Will Always Love You” to me while we danced and he CANNOT SING! He’s crazy. I can’t believe tomorrow is the very last day. I’m thinking about writing Aaron a note telling him to call me this summer. I might not thought. I think I like him. But he danced with Kristin too. What if he likes her? 

Ok. Aaron. That Aaron?
Five years later, he’d write me a letter that includes this:

I hope you didn’t get in trouble last night for being on the phone so long. It was my fault. I just can’t seem to let you go. Can’t wait to see those big beautiful eyes. I love you.

GAH. How CUTE is that??

Of course, we eventually broke up. But looking back through these letters reminds me of how completely crazy about each other we were, until we weren’t. I love High School Love. It is so EVERYTHING when you’re in it, right? It’s not the same when you grow up. I mean it’s still love, it’s still romantic and sexy and emotional. But there’s nothing like that first love, when you truly think there is NOTHING in the world that will ever be as important as this boy, this dance, this kiss.


20 thoughts on “Love Letters”

  1. My wife saved all her journals. She keeps going back and forth between wanting to be vulnerable to let me read them and ten not.

  2. My very first boyfriend- I dumped him bc I was terrified of kissing. So I dumped him so I wouldn't have to.I was almost 15.I was basically a disaster.

  3. Love this, too. I kept journals from when I was 8-16 but it mostly involved me writing one entry and then stopping and then buying a new journal and writing 2 entries or 5 or whatever and then stopping and then….yeah you get the picture. I was a bad journal writer.

  4. I love everything about high school. You know, in a retrospective kind of way. You felt everything so keenly, it was like a new adventure every single day.

  5. I just found a big box of letters recently. Turns out I was more of a heartbreaker than I'd remembered. Cold girl. But I saved the boys' weepy letters. Some are downright literary. LOL!

  6. I still have all that stuff, too. It's all soo sweet but I'm embarrassed about how quickly I fell \”in love.\” Just one smile or a call or a walk to class and ooh the butterflies and the search for the hidden meaning in all of it. Sigh.

  7. Oh my gosh, me too. It's so funny to read. One day I'm like- \”OH I LOVE THIS BOY.\” And then some other boy says hi to me and suddenly the next day- \”THAT BOY IS MY TRUE LOVE ALWAYS AND FOREVER.\” I have to keep all this in mind when my girls get older.

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