Things Megan Loves Today

Aaaaaaaand it’s time for more THINGS I LOVE. Because you need to know. You really, really do.

1. Word Wars and Deadlines

Most of you know that I’ve been working on a complete re-write of Between–100% rewriting each and every scene, completely changing the ending, getting rid of a main character, etc. It’s basically an entirely new book now.

So yes, I’m a little insane, I guess. I mean, who does that??

Someone who loves her characters so much that she can’t bear the thought of giving up on them, that’s who. I just want to feel like my book is really and truly FINISHED. I’ve never felt as good about Between as I do right now. And you know what? It still may not go anywhere. But I am convinced that I have turned it into the book that it should be, and that makes me happy.

And I’m pretty sure I’d never be this close to having it finished if it weren’t for a few things:

  • Word Wars. Grab a friend (or a few) to write with you, set a certain amount of time to write (I usually do 20-30 minutes) and see who writes the most words. This keeps me focused on writing during that time. Then we take a break, talk some smack, and go again. Thanks a BUNCH to Josh, Ravena, and Amanda for doing a few of these with me lately. 
  • Deadlines. I make self-imposed deadlines for myself all that time. And then I miss them. So THIS TIME- my friend and CP Maggie and I decided to set deadlines and then send each other what we’d written by that date. We started making deals to send each other 50 pages every few days. This was CRUCIAL to getting through the rewrite. There were so many times that I got stuck on a scene and wanted to quit. If Maggie hadn’t been waiting on me, I know I would’ve walked away from the computer and found something (ANYTHING) else to do. Thanks Mags. You’re the best.

2. Be Your Everything by Boys Like Girls

If you were on Twitter the day I heard this song for the first time, I apologize. I think I tweeted it 4 or 5 times. BUT I LOVE IT. It so perfectly fits Seth, one of my MCs in Between, and the way he is about Harper. He was in love with her long before she even knew about him, and he’s satisfied with being whatever he can be in her life–but thank goodness for all of us, she wants him too and they do lots and lots of kissing. His personality is a little bossy and overprotective, and he gets frustrated with the way Harper doesn’t take things as seriously as she should- so this line especially makes me think of him:

“I’ll be your shelter, I’ll be your storm. I’ll make you shiver, I’ll keep you warm.”
3. Twitter
I mean, obviously. You know I love Twitter. There are a few of you who LOVE to tease me about how much time I spend on there. It’s just that ALL THE FUN PEOPLE are on Twitter! It’s how I met all of my critique partners. It’s where I keep up with what agents are looking for, new agent announcements, upcoming contests, etc. And where else can I “talk” to some of my favorite authors? And SOMETIMES THEY TALK BACK! (Yes, I’m a total nerd and get super excited when that happens. Maureen Johnson tweeted to me one day and I called my mother to tell her. True story.) 
So, if you’re not on Twitter, or you are but you’re not really sure what to do– just start talking. Get involved. You can’t really just sit back and wait for people to talk to you, unless you’re like….famous or something. (And if you are, and you read my blog, HIGH-FREAKING-FIVE. And if you’re Ian Somerhalder, well, in the interest of keeping this a kid-friendly blog I’ll just blow kisses at you.) Follow people that interest you and interact with them. Not everyone will talk back to you. Don’t take it personally. 
And FOR THE LOVE- Don’t say things like “Hey if you follow me, I’ll follow you back” or “If you don’t follow me back, I will unfollow you.” You shouldn’t need to guilt someone into following you. Be awesome and people who want to get to know you will follow you. I have major issues with this whole auto-follow expectation. It’s silly. 
Ok. That’s it for today. 🙂 What are you guys loving lately?

38 thoughts on “Things Megan Loves Today”

  1. I definitely could not do a post every week of stuff I'm obsessed with, and for the exact same reason as you. I tend to move through obsessions slowly, methodically. And, I will put Vampire Diaries into my queue, just to remind me to start watching 🙂

  2. OMG, you are the absolute cutest. You are, like, the OPPOSITE of boring.I have to admit, TVD failed to captivate me, despite Ian SOmerhalder. But I understand that that opinion is…UNPOPULAR. :)And OMG I'm obsessed with staying in hotels. Actually, I'm going to a work conference in ST. Louis this summer where we'll stay in dorms, and I'm freaking out just thinking of the QUIET and SOLITUDE. Ahhhhhhh.

  3. When you start watching TVD. Stick with it past the first few episodes. I wasn't too crazy about it at first! But when in doubt, just mute it and look at Ian.

  4. I think your fabulous in spite of your obviously poor taste in tv shows. ;-)I loooooooove hotels too. I don't even have to leave town. Just take me to a place with a nice comfy bed, where I don't have to clean up after myself, and where someone will bring food to my door. It's thrilling.

  5. I'm obsessed with Call Me Maybe too! Not the video, just the song, although that star studded video is what got me into the song. Fun post =)

  6. I'm so flattered!! I don 't know what to do with myself when people say such nice things about me and my work… so I just weep and say thank you!THANK YOU!!(And you can bet I'll be bragging on your behalf when it happens to you!)

  7. I mean, WHEN ARE WE GOING TO HANG OUT? It is quickly moving up on the list of things I absolutely must do in the near future in order to continue being a generally happy person.

  8. IIIIIAAAAAAANNNNNN. 🙂 Hello dear. And good, I feel like less of a dork, then. I have little squee fits to my husband but he's pretty unimpressed by it all.

  9. I love Buttermilk right now. And also the edits I'm doing on my MS. They are a giant pain in the nether regions, but are making the MS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better! 😀

  10. Well, let's see… I love, um, YOU, and your new opening for BETWEEN, and your determination to whip into the most kickass story it can possibly be. Because that is awesome.I love real ice cream like whoa, not this imitation crap made out of coconut milk that I *thought* was delicious until I started eating real ice cream again. There is no substitute.Also, I love that I'm finally working on SP again after a 3-1/2 day lull. Weee!

  11. Things I love this week…….I wrote about it on my blog today 😉 Good luck rewriting and revising! Deadlines are smart. I used to have a deadline for revising this novel by September. Now it's not on a deadline because I am STILL revising. LOL – definitely not close to being done! And these revs are for an R+R! :p

  12. I'm glad your rewrite is going so well! I agree, word wars are definitely an effective way to increase productivity in terms of writing. I haven't tried the fifty-page-deadline thing, but I DO send whatever I finish every day to one of my betas, which I think helps as well. I'm just letting you know that you are going to be my inspiration when I start rewriting MM (after I finish my WIP). ❤ And LOL, I can definitely relate with the character-song-love. It's just so AWESOME when you find a song that fits your MC so closely.Twitter is AWESOME. And lol,Ian Somerhalder. Love him.I'm really loving the Olympics right now. And word-warring every day of course. 🙂 Woot, progress!

  13. Loving this post! You're fabulous. I decided to do a similar rewrite on one of my sequels. Eliminated a character and everything. I hated him and he made my MC unlikeable. If I don't like my MC, how can I expect readers to??

  14. EEEEK! I love that you love the new opening. I mean, really. You have no idea. And I love YOU also. I'm so glad you get to have real ice cream again. And I can't WAIT for SP.

  15. Ha! Yeah, self-imposed deadlines do nothing for me. I can very easily convince myself- \”Oh, I'll work on that tomorrow.\” And that never happens! Revising is tough!

  16. So, a week ago I would've been like- NO. Do not let me be your inspiration.But I'm on a writer's high right now, so I'm gonna say- HELL YEAH I AM SO INSPIRING!! ;)Really- when I first started the rewrite, I had days where I would just stop and stare and wonder if I was wasting my time. At this point, it still COULD be a waste of time, I guess, depending on how you judge that- but again, I'm at least satisfied that I've done all I can.So- whenever you start rewriting, let me know. I'll cheer you through the tough parts!

  17. YOU are fabulous.Yeah, I got rid of a character because she was just so…blah. So it was either- develop her more, or scrap her. And I didn't really like her enough to get to know her better, so we had to part ways!But changes like that (and also changing the tense of my book) really forced me to seriously rewrite every single word. I can't cut and paste anything. And that helps a lot- I think. So I'm rethinking every single thing, you know?

  18. Yes word wars yesssssss! That was actually my most productive day this week, which is SAD. So, I'm always up for a rematch :DAnd awesome job on the rewrite!! So impressed you started from scratch. That's serious dedication. Nothing better than knowing you wrote the story you meant to write.

  19. Thank you for introducing me to word warring 🙂 I'm ultra competitive, and it worked really well for me! I've had one famous author respond to an email I sent her and I saved the email and squee-ed into the the small hours of the morning 😀

  20. Cute blog. Nice ideas. I totally agree about imposing deadlines with a CP. Just started doing this and now my WIP is actually getting written! Go figure. lol! Must get on spotify. 🙂

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