Ok, I admit it.

I am a terrible blogger.

I mean, I think I do okay blogging with YA Misfits and HerKentucky, but when it comes to this blog right here? I can never think of anything to talk about.

For whatever reason, blogging just seems like a lot of work to me–maybe because I’m doing so much writing and revising on my book lately, the idea of sitting down to write one more thing is just really unappealing. Plus, I feel like I have to have some sort of plan so the blog post will make sense. I end up spending WAY too long thinking about it, finding links, editing, revising, and DEAR GOD I MIGHT AS WELL WRITE MORE ON MY BOOK.

But I like having my own little blog here, in the event that I do have something to say.

SO- in order to keep things active over here….I’m going to start vlogging weekly. Just a quick update to talk about whatever I want. Vlogging comes more naturally to me anyway, because I like to talk (as you are all WELL aware) and when I start rambling and going off topic in a vlog, it doesn’t seem as bad as when I do it in a blog post. It’s just part of my charm!

I’m also hoping this’ll be a good way for me to set goals. I figure if I tell you guys my plan, you can all bust me on it if I don’t reach the goal for the week. With that in mind, here’s the first weekly update!


22 thoughts on “Ok, I admit it.”

  1. I love your vlogs. that is all. It's so interesting re: blogging. So many people have dropped off from it. I LOVE it. I think I'm just good at it and it comes easily to me which is why I still do it. I had a pubbed author ask me how I kept it up so well (he has trouble w/it himself) and I shrugged, saying \”No idea…I just enjoy it!\” πŸ™‚

  2. I am such a topic drifter. I sympathize. And why is it that random notes always make perfect sense when you write them down, but when you go back to actually incorporate them, they seem to have been written by aliens? That happens to me all the time, too. Even on silly notes for my blog. Good luck finishing revisions! And I hope you're feeling better. πŸ˜€

  3. Ha, you are a riot and totally someone I would hang with in real life. It's fun to see people in person instead of a tiny little pictures.I agree, revisions suck. I am having the worst time with my current one…keep telling myself, \”This is it! No more!\” Then I go back and change more. LOL. Hang in there. Hope your cold gets better!

  4. Your vlogs only make me miss you more! and I'm a topicdrifter-storypantser-ideanotetaker too, so I feel you! The vlog is a great idea. It's fun and different. My craziest 'idea' note ever was one that just said (in caps) NO SALT. What the hell does that mean? Love you, love you!

  5. I have the biggest crush on Doc, also on a trip I came across a guy who made replicas of gun from the old west, some of the pieces in his collection were Wyatt's, Doc's, Morgan's, and Virgil's. Yea I'm from wyoming so westerns always make me happy.

  6. I know exactly what you mean – each blog entry takes me so long (from coming up with a topic, to writing it, to tweaking it, to posting it) that I do often figure my computer time would be better spent working on my book or emailing with friends.That said, your vlog was fun! What a good idea. And now I kind of want to watch Tombstone again. I saw it years ago, and actually can't remember it very well, so it would basically be brand new.

  7. I LOVE TOMBSTONE! This guy I dated for like a day was obsessed with it and bought me a copy so I would watch it. Now I watch it all the time.So…how's that weekly vlog coming? πŸ™‚

  8. I just found you on Twitter through FriNightWriters, followed your link here, started listening to you whine, was about to turn you off, then you said \”Tombstone is the greatest movie ever,\” and won my heart. Lonesome Dove is cool as well, but not Tombstone cool. Keep revising, it'll be there when you're done. Till then,I'm yo' Huckleberry ;)JBB

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