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GIVEAWAY! The Archived by Victoria Schwab

Several months ago, I heard that the lovely Victoria Schwab had a new book coming out in January 2013 called The Archived. As soon as I read the blurb, I was basically obsessed. See for yourself.

Imagine a place where the dead rest on shelves like books.

Each body has a story to tell, a life seen in pictures that only Librarians can read. The dead are called Histories, and the vast realm in which they rest is the Archive.

Da first brought Mackenzie Bishop here four years ago, when she was twelve years old, frightened but determined to prove herself. Now Da is dead, and Mac has grown into what he once was, a ruthless Keeper, tasked with stopping often-violent Histories from waking up and getting out. Because of her job, she lies to the people she loves, and she knows fear for what it is: a useful tool for staying alive.

Being a Keeper isn’t just dangerous-it’s a constant reminder of those Mac has lost. Da’s death was hard enough, but now her little brother is gone too. Mac starts to wonder about the boundary between living and dying, sleeping and waking. In the Archive, the dead must never be disturbed. And yet, someone is deliberately altering Histories, erasing essential chapters. Unless Mac can piece together what remains, the Archive itself might crumble and fall.

In this haunting, richly imagined novel, Victoria Schwab reveals the thin lines between past and present, love and pain, trust and deceit, unbearable loss and hard-won redemption.

I mean, right?! I love this concept so much. SO MUCH, that I pre-ordered as soon as possible and then promptly forgot that I’d pre-ordered it. I ran to the bookstore this week when it released to buy my own copy.

For those of you keeping track at home, this means I have two copies now. Which means one of you is about to capitalize on my scattered brain.

So let’s talk about this giveaway. Since a person’s history plays such an important part in this book, I want you guys to tell me something funny/interesting about YOUR history in the comments. I’ll use to pick a random comment for the winner. It’d be super great if you follow me on twitter (@meganwhitmer) and follow this blog….but I’m not gonna make it a requirement.

I’ll go first!

I was just reminded of this story tonight, so I’ll tell it. It’s an Embarrassing Megan Moment. A couple months ago, I went to Knoxville to hang out with Sarah Blair, Angi Black, and Megan Orsini (Um, this was AMAZING on all the levels).

So you guys know how I can’t hear very well? (If not, you haven’t watched my first vlog.) So this kind of thing I’m about to tell you happens a lot more often than I care to admit.

At the hotel, I’d just arrived and we’d all done the squealing and hugging and professed our undying love for each other. Someone knocks at the door, and I open it. There’s a super nice maid there, letting me know that they hadn’t cleaned our room because the Do Not Disturb sign was on the door. Very sweet. Then she says something else and before my brain processes it, I reply, “I’m Megan.”

She stared at me long enough for me to realize she had not been introducing herself. She was asking if we needed towels.

SHE SAID, “Do you need more towels?” AND I SAID, “I’m Megan.”


I don’t know guys. But I’ll never live that one down, as evidenced by the following….

Okey dokey. Leave a comment with quick story from your history, and make sure you leave your twitter handle or email or some way for me to contact you if you win!

This giveaway will close at 11:59pm EST on 
Monday, January 28, 2013. 

ALSO! I’m opening this up to international readers as well–however, if you win and the shipping is absolutely insane, I reserve the right to send you the e-book instead….just fyi (and if that happens I’ll pick a second (stateside) winner for the physical book.)

Update 1.29.13: chose #2 as the winner, and the second comment belongs to @boundiali! I’ll get in touch with you about sending you the book!

To everyone- this was such a fun giveaway. I loved reading your stories and getting to know you a little more in the process. We’ll do it again soon.

45 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY! The Archived by Victoria Schwab”

  1. Your giveaway reminds me of 2 Truths/1 Lie. That might make this too interesting…Don's Embarassing Moment:As part of the theater crew at my college, we raided the costume room and scored polyester full body neon leisure suits from the seventies with front zippers and all. Mine wasn't long enough in the leg or arm, so it got a special 4 inch Gold striped cuff on the legs and arms. Oh, did I forget to mention my leisure suit was NEON LIME GREEN? Oh. Yeah. Baby!So, we got a boom box (pre MP3 players for all you non fossils), and a copy of the Bee Gee's Stayin Alive, and strutted ourselves (all six of us) into the cafeteria for dinner.Silence ensued, except for our jam as we continued to strut our way in, get trays of food, and strut to our table. Every eye followed, and we got a good laugh. Fun times.I believe a college education without silly stunts (being creeked, streaking across campus and finding that tonight was the night they changed the combo on the door and you don't know the new passcode…) that make it worth it would diminish one's college education. But, I digress.Silliness ensues. Enough said. Thanks for the giveaway. I'm so freaktastically excited about this book I would love to read and review.@gdcribbs (Twitter)And, I followed your blog. I already follow your twitter. 😀

  2. Peace Corps story. I accidentally locked myself out of my house, with the gas stove on, at night, in a thunderstorm, wearing only shorts and flip-flops. The only neighbor around was an old woman that spoke broken French, and this scenario wasn't exactly covered in our language training.Fortunately it ended well, and I'm sure the old woman is still telling people that story today.

  3. As a kid, I had a BIG problem with silent letters. They were personally offensive to me, especially silent Ps at the beginning of words. I insisted on pronouncing things like pterodactyl as PUH-tera-dac-til, and when my mom would correct me, I would go, \”No, Mom, there's a P there!\”Imagine my horror when we move to a new town where a main road that we pass every day to and from school is called Pflumm. Pronounced flum, not PUH-flum like I felt it ought to have been. It was like immersion therapy for kid!Becca.My love affair with the English language has been very complex.I'm on Twitter as @callmebecks 🙂

  4. I can't remember any embarrassing stories off the top of my head (because I probably suppressed them all…)so I'll go with my old stand-by. I only wear one contact, in my left eye. People find this fascinating for some reason. Now if I could just find a monocle I'd be all set!@stephsessa

  5. There are so many stories…. slipping and falling in every imaginable situation, wearing one earring all day, bathing suit slips in the pool, the list goes on and on. Most recently was during an exam where I spent all of 10 minutes frantically searching for a pencil to discover that it was in my hair, and then another 10 searching for my glasses, which were attractively perched on top of my head.Olivia (@OliviasOpinions)

  6. My embarrassing moment happened a couple days ago. I was in Spanish class, and my teacher asked me, \”Que van a estudiar en la universidad?\” I guess I must have selective hearing because I heard the word \”estudiar\” and assumed she was asking what book I was reading for a certain class. When I answered the whole room went quiet she repeated the question. This time I only heard \”universidad\” and told I was hoping to attend Kenyon College. Again everyone just stared at me. Finally some kind soul my table whispered, \”She's asking what you want to major in.\” And I was like, \”OH! Creative Writing!\” I'm not sure if the class's laughter was real or just in my head… Despite feeling mortified at my spanish skills (which are even worse considering I've taken SEVERAL YEARS of Spanish) my teacher is amazing and she went on to talk about how I was going to write a Pulitzer prize winning novel and dedicate it to her. Thanks again, Mrs. Jimenez. 🙂

  7. I'm not sure this is interesting or a deep part of my history, but it involves two of my loves from way back: movies and 80s music. Oh, and I'm sure just admitting to this will be one of my new 'embarrassing moments'. The first time I rented Teen Witch (in VHS format, obvi) from our local Phar-Mor (now extinct, of course) I was nine. And I was OBSESSED with finding a special necklace that would give me a rich history full of witchy power. Also, I dreamt of how awesome it would to break out in magical musical numbers when I finally got to high school. You know, as a normal high school student would do: in the hallways, lunchrooms, and locker rooms. Yeah… Anyway, I chose Teen Witch every week for my weekly rental for a solid three months. Then sporadically after that until I was in high school and realized that a special necklace and magical musical numbers were FAR from what I needed to be concerned with.Movies are still a big part of my life, though most of my 80s music library has been replaced with too much music of today to keep up with. But on special occasions, only Cindy Valentine's song Finest Hour will do!**I'm very aware that this entire post exposes that I was the geekiest child ever. I'm okay with that. ;-)Thanks for the giveaway, Megan!

  8. During my first marriage my ex and I owned a small house and we had two elderly women as neighbors. I often misplaced my keys, a bad habit I still have after all these years, or just not take them with me when going out for a short while. My ex-husband never thought about if I had my keys or not, he would just lock the house when he left. So it wasn't uncommon for me to come home, after visiting my parents, to find myself without my keys and locked out of the house. However, I always left the back family room window unlocked. So all I had to do was climb onto the central air conditioning unit then slide in the window onto the couch (purposefully placed near the window for these occasions). When I was pregnant, I still used the rear window on the locked out moments. Even up to my ninth month. Granted I was as graceful in doing this maneuver, but I could still fit through the window opening and that's all the mattered. After a couple of years, the elderly women sold their house as they decided, at their age, apartment living would be easier. I expressed sadness over them moving away. One of them quipped, \”I'm going to miss you, too. You would have me laughing until I almost pee'd my pants watching you climb through the window of your place.\” I immediately turned all shades of red. Not once, while I did that stunt, did I ever take into consideration someone may have been watching. I turned all shades of red as I mentally recalled I wasn't always wearing jeans and a top when I would heft and pull myself through the window.

  9. First off – Megan – greatest story ever (and I was there!!) hahahahaha Okay – embarrassing moment, oh man. I have so many to pick from. or more accurately, that would embarrass other people but not me cause I'm a freaky theater kid. So I'll go with this. Okay, I'm very clumsy when I'm not dancing and the downtown area where I grew up doesn't have the greatest streets. So one night I'm out with the girls, all dressed up, high heels and all, and we're walking to a bar. As we cross the street(you know, I STILL say there was a pothole, even though my friends say otherwise)and boom! I'm down for the count. Right there in the middle of the asphault, on all fours, at a four way stop, on a busy Friday night….and the guy I'm crushing is driving one of the cars. My knee is screaming and bloody and I ripped my brand-new jeans. But in the spirit of being a cool girl, I jump up and yell, \”Next show, five minutes! I'll be here all week.Tip your waiter.\” And then continued across the street. I was hoping to fall in a drainage grate.

  10. So this one time I was, like, eight (actually I was eight like 365 times, but whatever GOSH) and my best friend Ben and I were playing dominoes in the classroom. Ben insisted that he needed to go to the bathroom, but I said \”No, we have to finish this game first.\”Yes, I did have a habit of dictating how full my friends' bladders were allowed to be.So he kept insisting, and I kept saying no, wait five minutes so we can finish this game. (I was winning, of course.) And then he peed on the carpet floor for God and the world to see. I gaped; Ben stared at me with terror; the teacher picked him up and held him a safe distance away from her as you would a dog and carried him to the bathroom.I realize this embarrasses Ben more than me, but WHATEVER IT COUNTS.@mobrienbooks

  11. One time I mentioned to this girl I worked with that I thought this guy we worked with was cute. She then takes it upon herself to email him letting him know and tries to set us up. Nothing ever came of it but I was completely mortified and avoided him as much as possible.

  12. \”Clumsy\” is pretty much my middle name (wait make that first name…) – I have thousands of stories where I tripped, slipped, fell down stairs/out of buses/in potholes/… One of my favorite \”falls\” happened on the second date with my boyfriend: I thought I'd be okay in heels (we went to the theater), but there were of course several times where I couldn't really coordinate my feet, including one moment with a flying ice cream. Both dress and suit were pretty much ruined, I was mortified, but after a few minuted we couldn't stop laughing about it. And we're still dating 🙂

  13. I want this book! Also. I was on a church trip to Kings Island in high school. I was 16, so you know I was pretty cool. Anyway, there was this real cute college guy working the ice cream cart. I waltzed right up to him,with all my friends behind me, and ordered. I asked for, in my most southern accent, \”Hay, could I have a double DICK of chocolate chip ice cream?\” yep, totally mortified.

  14. I actually did break out into spontaneous musical numbers in high school. My sister and I would walk through the hallways, singing crazy songs at the top of our lungs & dancing along. (Yes, I've always wanted to live inside a musical.) 🙂

  15. I've already shared my most embarrassing life moment (when in 9th grade, I accidentally announced that I was pregnant) for all the world to see on my blog: instead, I'll share with you a moment that may have been even worse (I'm still not sure):A couple of years ago, I volunteered to chaperone my 7th-grade daughter's field trip to the zoo. I spent the day with my daughter & her friends, racing from one animal exhibit to the next, climbing on the giant models of birds' nests and turtle shells with them, chatting with the boy my daughter was crushing on (because she was too shy to strike up a conversation herself)… and being declared the \”cool mom\” by daughter and her classmates.After the field trip was over, I took my son out for ice cream and spent some quality time with him, and then I dropped him off at home and ran a few errands. Later, I went to my writer's group meeting, the perfect end to a VERY busy, running-nonstop day.And when I got home and started to get undressed for bed, I discovered that there was a giant hole in the back of my jeans. Like, my entire back pocket had torn off, exposing my backside for all the world to see! The problem is, I have no idea WHEN my jeans tore! It's possible that I caught them on a nail on my way into the house after all the running around was finished, but it's equally likely that the \”cool mom\” nickname might be the result of the ventilated jeans I was wearing at the zoo! I'm afraid to ask. :S

  16. *squee* I am so excited for this book! And your story is hilarious lol. Thanks for the giveaway!Hmm… when I was around 10-11 years old, my sisters and I were in Goodwill. I was wearing one of their skirts, which was too big for me but it was so pretty that I insisted on wearing it. I had used a safety pin to tighten it at the waist. So we were in line at the register and I was adjusting the skirt around my waist and when I let go, the entire skirt dropped. I snatched it up right away, but the damage was done. The lady behind me gasped, and my sisters were laughing uncontrollably, and I just HAD to be wearing neon blue underwear that day.My sisters have never let me live that down.

  17. OMG so I was in Hurricane Sandy right? So I lost power for 10 days and during that time we lit up our fire and we made baked potatoes for some reason. (Just go with it it gets better! Kind of) When the potatoes had been officially finished, I tried to put butter on them and realized that there wasn't anything in our fridge. And my grandma sends me to the deck to get some of the food we stashed around the house to keep it from spoiling. Of course, all that's on the deck is some barbeque sauce and ranch dressing. NO BUTTER. Then, my grandma goes \”Check the garage\” and there's like almost everything we ever had in our fridge there, EXCEPT FOR BUTTER. At this point I'm like \”OMG I'll just eat it plain\”But my grandma refuses to accept this, and sends me outside to the stairwell that leads to the basement. And when I'm there, I see these huge bags just dangling from the railing and I almost bumped into one. But I open the bag closest to me, and THERE'S THE BUTTER!So I put it on my baked potato, and after eating it I'm like \”This isn't even that good…\”*FACEPALM*Took me like half an hour to find a stick of butter for a baked potato that I hated. Hmph.

  18. Hahahaha! I'm the other Megan in this story! 🙂 So there I was in the eighth grade. We were swimming in gym class, which was basically the very worst and it was my birthday. I had on my favorite shirt ever, which was this pink-ish button down with a sort of ribbed material? Well after gym I walked up all four floors to my Intro to Foreign Language class where we were having a fiest for finishing the Spanish section. I brought soda and was super psyched to have a party on my birthday! Then my teacher came by my desk with the hall pass and whispered in my ear: \”Megan, why don't you take this? Your shirt is open.\” I'd only buttoned the top button and the bottom button and forgot all of the ones in the middle and walked around school like that for about ten minutes. I had developed…early…so.

  19. My embarrassing story happens almost every day. It's a product of me being very slow & not realizing things. Like at work I have to meet people five times before I actually remember them. Someone would talk to me & I'd just shoot myself thinking \”WHAT IS YOUR NAME!?\” Or at work (Old Navy) last night when we were doing denim & it hit me that we were down from 6 booths to 5. I'm like \”Whoa! What happen to that style!?\” Or when I get a random joke an hour later & start laughing like crazy & people stare. Or one of the best ones was when I realized that BOGO stood for Buy One Get One & it wasn't just some special Payless thing & other stores could also use it. Lol.Really I could keep going but why embarrass myself further? Haha:DThanks for the giveaway!-Alexandra Twitter: @SleepsOnTables

  20. Gah I guess the piece of my history that I'm most proud of is coming out of a sexually and emotionally abusive relationship in college that left me depressed to the point that I tried to kill myself twice. But I decided that I needed to love myself, and that the mistakes I made were only worthwhile if I learned from them and became stronger. So I threw myself into turning my life around; got two jobs, signed up for extra classes, and ended up graduating a year early with cum laude honors, a job offer on the East Coast, and a wonderful boyfriend who truly loved me and uplifted me. I still look back on my time with that first guy as a painful and sad experience, but I know that it helped shape who I am today and for that, I am proud.

  21. As I said on twitter, this book sounds badass, so I'll be picking it up regardless, but here goes! This is a memory that I've only told one other person, my wife. So, why not put it on a blog. When I was a kid, around six or so, my older brother was always in some kind of trouble. My home wasn’t a great one, we were poor and such, and for one reason or another my brother was sent away to live with other people. I really don’t remember the reason why, and for some reason I’ve never asked my mom about it. Anyway, I didn’t see a lot of him in those years, but I do remember my sixth birthday. David, my brother, showed up out of nowhere. I just know he wasn’t there all the time, so this was special. He had this white stuffed dog. It was big and fluffy with chocolate-brown ears and a brown face. I was stoked; not just for the present, but because he was there. I didn’t have a father, so there was that. I remember asking him where he’d gotten it. I’m not sure if this is true, or if he didn’t want to admit to actually buying me something –my bro was too cool to by his kid brother a present- or if he really found a stray dog wandering around with the stuffed dog in its mouth, and decided to bring it to me. Said he didn’t even know it was my birthday. Maybe he was right, and it was just pure coincidence, but the bigger part of me wants to believe he actually picked it up for me, for my birthday, because he remembered. Years pass, twenty-five to be exact, and I hadn’t seen that dog since I was sixteen and getting married. I’m visiting my family down in Louisiana, and what do I see sitting on the floor in a random bedroom? That same dog, sitting there like he’s been waiting on me. I haven’t told my brother about it yet, though we talk on facebook some. I wonder if it’s because he’ll not remember, or that he’ll tell me the truth about the damn thing.

  22. Hrmm.. Story…Well, my mother likes to write stories, especially if it involves her children being silly. She used to post her things to a now defunct website before getting a domain of her own, which I joined (even though I don't have the gift of gab like she does, and was still in high school).Well, they had a contest with the theme of Parent/Child relationships. So, I decided to get back at my mom for sharing embarrassing stories (and sometimes embellishing them to the point that she flat out lied about some of the details) and wrote a response to any parent who wrote stories like her.Let's just say, quite a few people commented along the lines of \”I never thought of it like that…\” or \”Oh, goodness. I can't believe I did that to my child!\”Mom has been summarily forced to not reveal our names in any of her stories. She has to refer to us as \”my child\” or \”my 2nd oldest\”. She claims that she agreed to keep with that until we were 18, but glares from her grown children at family events has kept it going indefinitely. Hehehe.

  23. Here's another embarassing story from me:One day, in the cafeteria at work, I was found pointing and laughing at my laptop's screen, saying \”Ha Ha!\” after reading about this de-skirting at a goodwill. Ahehehehe

  24. I love telling embarrassing stories! I have so many, but this one's my favorite because it's equal parts gross, humiliating, and hilarious. And because it doesn't actually sound like a real thing.When I was a junior in high school, I was lucky enough to attend this month long summer program in the north of India. It was a homestay, meaning all the kids in the program were living with various villagers in their various homes in a tiny little village wayyy up in the Himalayas, where the air is so thin that you actually want to faint every time you walk up the stairs. It was eye-searingly gorgeous. So gorgeous that this spoiled American girl totally didn’t care that there was no running water. No shower, no sink, and certainly no toilet.While I’m not at Bella Swan levels of klutziness, I’m still not the most coordinated of girls. On my second day of the home stay, I managed to sprain my knee by slipping in a puddle that I’d leapt into to avoid stepping on a cow patty (which could be another entry altogether). So I was rocking this pretty awesome limp. A couple days later, I was hanging out with the entire program of fifteen teenagers at my homestay house when I realized I needed to use the bathroom. So I made my way over to The Poop Shed.To the side of the house, in full view of all these people, was a stretch of hard packed earth with a make shift shed of corrugated metal built on top of it. Inside the shed were a shovel, a roll of toilet paper, and a hole in the ground. This was our toilet. Our… recently-used-by-somebody-else toilet.The space was small, and I was injured. So naturally I tripped on the shovel, knocked out one of the corrugated metal walls, and guess what?Fell into the poop ditch.I FELL. INTO. THE POOP. DITCH. Butt first. In front of everybody.They called me “The Poop Bitch” for the rest of the trip. Goooood memories. Still the best trip (no pun intended) of my life.(I also have a story from when I was three and I hugged a random woman at a museum because I thought she was my mom from behind and I was so traumatized I hid my face for the rest of the day, but I just wanted to say the words “Poop Bitch”.) Thanks for the chance to win this awesome book! Twitter @mizgillianberry. Now following your blog!

  25. One night I was hanging out with the boy I kinda sorta had a crush on. We were heading to his car to go get some food, and I was on the phone with my mum to let her know I'd still be out for awhile. Being super smooth, I tripped on a crack in the sidewalk and scraped my knees. My cell phone fell with my mom still on the line. I simultaneously had to recover without blushing too much, retrieve the phone so my mom wouldn't think I was ignoring her, and deal with the boy's questions about whether I was okay or not.It was quite embarrassing. :PMy twitter is @StephanieEDiaz

  26. Mine will be short. I was an imaginative child. I sang to the moon at night. I acted out long, complex plays (by myself) in which I pretended to be two battling tigers: Tiger East and Tiger West. Also, whenever I found a piece of glitter, I would pretend it was a microscopic fairy. Bam.

  27. Hmmm, my most recent embarrassing moment occurred just a few hours ago… *shimmery flashback graphics*I bought groceries, then went to the gas station. I made one last stop, about a mile from the gas station, to pick up subs for dinner. I parked, went in, bought the sammiches, and then came back out to my truck. The little gas tank door was open, and the cap was dangling from its cord.I'd driven past no fewer than THREE police cars between the gas station and the sub shop. None of them bothered to point out my idiocy.Also, I've been driving for 23 years, and this is only the second time I've ever done this particular stupid thing, but it's just the freshest hide-my-face-and-drive-away-as-fast-as-possible moment. The first time I did it was in an old diesel car when I was 19, and it didn't contain the modern technology of an anti-spill valve like my relatively new truck does. That time I dumped about two gallons of diesel in a spewing arc as I turned out of the gas station onto Ocean Drive in Miami Beach. Yeah. I felt really stupid.:D

  28. I like how everyone else is like, \”I can't think of an embarrassing moment!\” and I'm like, \”Let's see, which one of Amy's extensive collection of embarassing moments shall we share today?\”During math one day in sixth grade, I went outside to get a drink of water. Unfortunately, the nozzle was broken, and the water shot straight at…my crotch. It totally looked like I had peed in my pants.Being the brilliant little sixth grader that I was, I totally panicked and saw my fledgling social life flash before my eyes. I decided to go to the bathroom and get the rest of my pants wet so the wet spot would be less noticeable. And it did counteract the effects of the stupid water fountain, except (and somehow, I hadn't considered this part prior to splashing water all over my legs) my pants were now soaking wet.I went back to class. The bell rang shortly after, and as I was gathering my things, I happened to look down and see the wet butt print on my seat.So…I ran away.I'm on Twitter at @encoreunreveur 🙂

  29. I have been wanting to read THE ARCHIVED for a long time now. So excited! I think the most interestig thing to have happened to me, was when I was a part of history itself.Back in 2009, I was living in Southern Illinois and it was during the storm season (Spring/ Summer). We had a horrible storm one day around noon. The wind started picking up really fast, rain was slung around so fast, when it pelted you in felt like hail. The storm lasted for about an hour, knocked out 80,00 homes, and left 10,00 out for more than three weeks. We found out, that the storm was an inland hurricane. They had no idea what to call it. It acted just a hurricane, only on land. Luckily, we were fine. And now, it makes for a great story. :)(For anyone curious about it:

  30. Oh gosh. So I was about 7 & it'd been raining for about a week straight(you gotta love Florida) & our lunchroom floor at school was super slippery. As I was walking in someone bumped me & I went sliding. I don't just mean a little slip either. I went flying down the cafeteria on my back complete with spinning. I finally stopped mid-way down the teacher's table which is right in front of everyone! To make matters worse my lunchbox had come open during my epic slip & slide moment & I had to go around the lunchroom picking up everything that had flown out. While people were still laughing. (Twitter: @RensRambles)

  31. Hi Megan, love that story. I really want to read the ARCHIVED so here's MY embarrassing story!!! I'm @rachelwrites007 on Twitter. :DSo when I was young, I took dance lessons (modern dance). I was pretty serious about it and did it for 6 or 7 years. It was my last recital ever (I was 11) and in our routine we had to do a 5 minute costume change in the dark and then come back onto the stage. The theme was rags to riches so we went from \”hobo\” outfits to \”rich\” outfits (just a sparkly silver skirt). We had practiced the costume change before during our rehersals and it had gone well. WELL….. that night (recital night where they are VIDEO TAPING THIS to give to ALL the parents/family/etc) I go to change into my skirt and try to put it on. It doesn't fit. It keeps falling down. Meanwhile everyone else went back onto the stage and I was freaking out, wearing just my leotard. Well….it turned out the girl next to me getting changed (a heavy set/pudgy girl) had taken MY little skirt. Finally the older dancers convinced me to go out onto the stage. I went but without the outfit/costume and after the performance I cried in the hallways. My dance teacher came up to me and told me how brave I was to dance without the costume etc etc but all I could think about was how ALL these parents would see me without the outfit on stage dancing on their VHS players FOOOOOREVER.And that my friend is my embarrassing story. 😀

  32. I had a hard time narrowing it down too. This is why I totally cheated and left one embarrassing story on here, as well as a link to my blog, where I share other embarrassing stories 🙂

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