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#WriteClub’s Got the WRITE MOVES!

Hey guys!! Remember a few months ago when I talked about #WriteClub? That fun little idea has really taken off and become something much bigger than I ever would’ve expected. People join in every Friday night from all over the world, and writers in other countries have even started up their own #WriteClubs to suit their time zones a little better.

I’ve seen a few blog posts discussing how much people love #WriteClub (like this one by the lovely J. Elizabeth Hill, and this by sweet Tamara A. Wood). I’m so happy that this random Friday night thing has become so important to all of us, and how we all have our little twitter party every week. I regularly see tweets thanking @FriNightWrites for helping them finish a draft or stay motivated or not jump off a bridge because they were stuck on a word or WHATEVER. Writing can be a pretty lonely job, but the little community we have through #WriteClub rocks my world.


There are about 900 people following @FriNightWrites. When we reach 1000 followers, Darci, Angi, Beau, Carey, Sarah, and I are going to LIP SYNC FOR YOU! (In a video montage, which will be tweeted and shared for all eternity.)The six of us each picked a song that we thought would be fun. Here they are, with links to youtube videos!

Bust A Move by Young MC
Eye of the Tiger by Survivor
Men In Black by Will Smith
Right Here, Right Now by Jesus Jones
Shoop by Salt n Pepa
Story of Us by Taylor SwiftAnd NOW, since we’re all friends here, you guys get to pick the song! Think carefully guys. What song do you most want to see us make fools of ourselves to? Vote in the poll below!You can only choose one! The poll will close Saturday, February 23, 2013, at 3:00pm EST.

What Song Should We Lip-Sync To?

Thanks so much for voting!! Feel free to spread the word around the twitterverse! The quicker we reach 1000, the quicker you’ll get to see us show our sweet moves!

You guys are the best. I love getting to hang out and write with you every week. See you Friday night!

7 thoughts on “#WriteClub’s Got the WRITE MOVES!”

  1. Love it. I voted for Eye of the Tiget but it seems Bust a Move is kickin ass. I'd be good with any of them honestly. Meg I love how your little idea turned into a around-the-world awesomeness….so many people benefit from your hashtag. ❤

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