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The Write Frame of Mind

I know a lot of writers really love the revision process.

In general, I’m not one of them. I love drafting (and I do it SLOWLY), and revisions are typically on a shorter deadline and I stress and I procrastinate and I write and I rewrite and I CRY.

(I do not actually cry.)

(I mean, not usually.)

(Revising makes me thirsty.)

I generally get to a point where I become a little insane and incapable of normal social interaction, especially when someone asks, “Are you finished with your revisions yet?”

Luckily, I know about this delightful personality trait of mine, and try to do what I can to make myself a pleasant person to live with while I’m revising. When I started my first round of post-book deal revisions on Between, I created a playlist to help me get into the right frame of mind for revising (or the WRITE FRAME HAHAHA WORDS ARE FUN)  just a mix of happy, upbeat songs that didn’t really have anything to do with my book. I’d listened to my Between playlist roughly 435928405 times by the time I actually signed my contract with Spencer Hill Press, so I was a wee bit tired of it. I wanted a playlist I looked forward to listening to every day, that would play in the background and keep me happy.

As I dive into the second round of revisions this week, I decided to create yet another playlist and I’m pretty sure I’ve outdone myself with this one.


Based on my research, you cannot be stressed and/or sit still while you listen to these songs. It is scientifically designed to make you happy. It’s magical. And even if you’re not writing or revising or doing anything you find stressful, it’s a great mix to celebrate the end of dumb, gray winter and the beginning of bright, warm spring!

Hope you enjoy it! Do you have any favorite feel-good songs? We all know I could’ve made an entire mix of my favorite 90s rap songs and been just as delighted by that, right?


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