BETWEEN is now available for pre-order. Related: I am a lucky person.

Saturday mornings are pretty hectic around here. My oldest is trying out cheerleading for the first time and we have a game every Saturday at 10:00am.

Since I like to sleep until 9:00am, this is never NOT crazy.

And this morning, as I’m running out the door, I got this text from one of my closest friends in the world, the lovely Kelsey Macke.

I don’t know if you guys know how preorders work. I didn’t. But basically, once your publisher buys your ISBN number and everything, they enter all the book info into the sales system and then you wait. You don’t know exactly when it will go live, you just know it’ll be sometime soon.

My ISBN and info were submitted over two weeks ago. I’ve been working on book two all day every day (or at least it feels that way), so while I was SUPER EXCITED to know that the preorders for Between could open up at any minute, I generally forgot about it unless someone asked me. (My brain does not multi-task. I can literally focus on only one thing per day. And lately, that’s ALL book two. Sorry, family. Sorry, personal hygiene. Sorry, LIFE.)

But this girl, my Kelsey, has been waking up every single morning and checking to see if Between was available yet. Every single day, you guys. And I had no idea until this morning when she sent that text.

I called, and the first thing she says is, “Well, I got up this morning, and like I do every day, went to this little web site called Amazon and typed in Between…” and I have no idea what she said after that because I squealed so loud I scared my children.

This blog post is a “Hey! My book is available for preorder now!” announcement, but it’s also a little ode to Kelsey Macke, because she’s slammed with book stuff and album stuff and teacher life and wife life and a million other little things, but if she hadn’t taken a few seconds this morning to see if Between was on Amazon yet,  I wouldn’t have noticed for several more days. I have the best friends in the whole world.

(And if you want to go check out Between in all its glory on Amazon, feel free!)

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