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BETWEEN RELEASE MONTH PARTY! Week Four Giveaways: Books by Gwenda Bond, Victoria Schwab, Danielle Ellison, Dahlia Adler, and Kelsey Macke

(In case you’re new around here and don’t know why we’re celebrating, my book, Between, comes out on July 29!  As release day approaches, I’ve been thinking about what I want people to know about my book. I decided to spend the month highlighting some of my favorite characteristics of Between, and giving away a different set of books each week that share those characteristics!)

ONLY ONE WEEK LEFT! This week I’m giving away FIVE books! The books are: 1 e-book of your choice by Gwenda Bond, 1 e-book of your choice by Victoria Schwab, 1 e-book of Salt or paperback of Follow Me Through Darkness by Danielle Ellison, 1 paperback of Behind the Scenes by Dahlia Adler, and 1 paperback of Damsel Distressed by Kelsey Macke. Five winners, one prize per winner. 

Check out the vlog to find out why I picked this week’s books, and fill out the rafflecopter below to enter! (If the vlog doesn’t load, go here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway//

What’s that? You wanna know more about my book? HOW CONVENIENT THAT I HAVE THIS INFO RIGHT HERE.
When a supernatural freak of nature forces her family to separate, seventeen-year-old Charlie Page must turn to her frustrating (yet gorgeous) neighbor, Seth, to help reunite them. Seth whisks Charlie to Ellauria–a magical world filled with the creatures of myths and legends–and tells her of the Fellowship, the group charged with protecting mystical beings from human discovery. (All except Bigfoot; that attention whore is a total lost cause.) But when Charlie learns that she’s under the Fellowship’s protection herself, well, “stressed” is an understatement. 

Ellauria should be the safest place for Charlie while the Fellowship works to find her family, but things in the mystical realm aren’t what they seem. Magic is failing, creatures are dying, and the Fellowship insists Charlie holds the key to saving everyone. With her family still missing and the danger in Ellauria growing, Charlie doesn’t know who she can trust. She’s dealing with a power she never asked for, falling for a guy she can’t have, and being forced to choose between her destiny and her heart. And if she chooses wrong, she could destroy magic forever. 

Charlie may be in over her head.

Order Between!


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