Thirty Ideas for Artist Dates

If you read my last post about Artist Dates, you know that the whole idea of taking time to do something alone that nourishes my inner artist was a hard one for me to embrace. I was worried that it would seem selfish, or that I wouldn’t find any value in them. Sure, I enjoy my alone time, but would it necessarily make me a better writer?

After a few weeks of doing my Morning Pages every day, and feeling like my whole world improved as a result of that practice, I decided I would happily do whatever Julia Cameron suggested. The Artist Dates are a necessary counter to the Morning Pages, both of which are important aspects of The Artist’s Way, the self-led course I’ve been taking to break through the creative block I’ve been battling for ages.

As Cameron puts it, “Doing your morning pages, you are sending—notifying yourself and the universe of your dreams, dissatisfactions, hopes. Doing your artist date, you are receiving—opening yourself to insight, inspiration, guidance.”

With all of that in mind, I made a list of possible Artist Date ideas that I could turn to whenever I need inspiration. I’m posting the list here in case it’s helpful to any of you, and feel free to leave your own ideas in the comments!

  1. Hike at the local nature sanctuary.
  2. Drive a country road.
  3. Go to the local bookstore and browse a section I wouldn’t normally browse.
  4. Go to the local bookstore and check out all my favorite sections.
  5. Check out the gluten free bakery.
  6. Sit by the lake.
  7. Take a sketchbook to the park.
  8. Paint.
  9. Go to the library.
  10. Create a vision/inspiration board.
  11. Make something from Pinterest.
  12. Visit a museum or art exhibit.
  13. Go to the peddler’s mall and buy something for under $10.
  14. Take a very fancy bath.
  15. Watch the clouds.
  16. Go on a picnic.
  17. Go to Etsy and “heart” things that inspire me.
  18. Try a new restaurant.
  19. Go to a yard sale.
  20. Go to my favorite consignment shop. (Local folks- it’s Feather Your Nest. Just go. You’ll love it.)
  21. Buy a book of poetry.
  22. People watch.
  23. Finger paint.
  24. Wander around the cemetery. (That might sound weird to some of you- but the cemetery here is simply beautiful.)
  25. Watch TED talks.
  26. Watch NPR Tiny Desk concerts.
  27. Call my Papaw.
  28. Buy costume jewelry.
  29. Go to the Farmers Market.
  30. Try a new recipe.

Have you tried any of these? Do you have suggestions of your own? I’d love to hear!

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