Word for the Year: An Update!

Remember back in January, when we talked about choosing a Word for the Year? I chose the word Go, and several of you chimed in with words of your own.

The idea of a Word for the Year is that it gives you more of a focus for the year, one word to guide you as you go wherever life leads you, rather than setting specific resolutions at the beginning of the year. Sometimes, when you make resolutions and they die off, it’s easy to feel like you have failed, and even easier to get into a “Well, I’ll try again next year,” mentality. When you have a Word for the Year, you never fail. You just keep reminding yourself that it’s there, and you chose it for a reason.

When I chose Go, it was because I know I have a habit of waiting—I overthink to the point of ridiculousness, trying to make sure I wait for the right time to do anything at all, in the hopes of setting myself up for success. The problem is, circumstances are never perfect, and months go by where I have had all sorts of ideas and dreams and I haven’t made a move on any of them.

It’s August now, and that seems like a good time to do a little check-in.

How is your year going? Have you thought about your word since you chose it in January? How have you seen it work in your life?

On my end, I’ve chosen a word many times, and then by summer it’s completely gone, and I never think about it again until it’s time to choose my next word the following year. This year has been different, and I’m happy with the way “Go” has pushed me forward.

I think in the past my words have been less “action” and more “feeling,” like balance or gratitude. Those are great, powerful words, but I’ve learned that giving myself a direction is more effective for my personality. I can be lying in my bed, thinking of all the things I hope to do, and suddenly it’ll hit me: “Megan, you said you were going to Go with things this year.” That thought makes me get up and find some way to make forward progress in whatever area is on my mind. Sometimes it’s writing; other times it’s creating content for my social media channels, or doing a workout, or reading a book on craft.

I’ve spent this year examining myself to see what’s working and what isn’t, and identifying the things that I really want to spend my time on. You’ve heard me say this a lot, and you’ll continue to hear it: living life on auto-pilot meant that I was just getting through my days without doing anything I found particularly meaningful or inspiring. I spent so much time thinking and planning and waiting that I never got anything done, and I was suuuuuuper inefficient with my time.

It sounds backward, but in a lot of ways, “Go” actually forced me to stop and pay attention to things that were keeping me from moving. I had to get very honest with myself about how I give myself excuses to put things off, how I allow fear to hold me back, and how I sabotage myself. Sometimes its hard to admit the ways you’re failing yourself, but it’s important—you gotta clear all that out of the way so you can see your path again.

So that’s my update. Now I want to hear yours. Are you satisfied with where you are in the year and how you’ve used your word? It’s never too late to choose another word, or to re-focus yourself on the original one. Tell me how it’s going!



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