2019 Gift Guide: Ideas for Your Favorite Writer and Book Lover

Looking for a gift for one of your writer friends (or, let’s be real here, yourself, it’s fine, it’s all fine)? I’ve put together a list of ideas for the writer or book lover in your life! Happy shopping!

1. An entry fee to my favorite writing contest. You pay the entry fee and the writer gets an email letting them know they can register for the contest! (If they don’t register, you get a full refund.)

2. The writing book that changed my life.

3. This gorgeous keyboard that you just know will make the most satisfying clickety-clack noises.

4. This, for the t-shirt loving writer in your life.

5 Something to protect the keys on their laptop while they’re working. (Make sure you verify what size laptop they use!) (The N key on my keyboard is almost rubbed off.) (Is N really my most used letter?) (I have questions). (Parentheses.) Also it keeps brownie crumbs out of your keyboard. Probably.

6. This beautiful literary scarf. And while we’re on the topic of things to help us stay warm, there are these writing gloves. Or any of these beanies.

7. This poster that’s like a scratch-off lottery ticket except it’s to show all the books you’ve read.

8. How about a literature-inspired tea blend to put in this mug and set on these bookworm coasters?

9. This book and this game to help them find their way when they’re stuck. 

10. If jewelry is more your style, there’s this, these, this, and that.

11. Is your writer or reader a tattoo lover? Get this and these.

12. Literally ANYTHING from this online silent auction.

See anything you like, or have a great gift idea that isn’t listed here? Tell me in the comments!


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