Thoughts from the Porch

If you’ve been following me on social media (I’m most active on Instagram, @megan_whitmer), you know I struggled through February. It was dark and gray and cold and from a creative standpoint, super low.

I held on to the knowledge that February would end and I’d find new energy in March.

But 2020’s gonna 2020, so here we are, most of the world under quarantine. I have no idea when things will feel normal again, or even what that “normal” might look like.

Here’s what I do know: it is easy in situations like this to focus only on the necessities. We go into survival mode. Basic hygiene, keep the house in order, make sure our people are fed. Those things are important, yes, but please remember that taking care of yourself, mentally and spiritually, is an absolute necessity.

For some of us, that means finding time to create, in any way you can. For others, it means giving yourself permission to not create. I can’t tell you what’s right for you, but I can tell you that it’s important to listen to yourself and pay attention to your needs.

For me personally, it means allowing myself time to give attention to the little sparks of creativity that pop up throughout the day. I can’t stop to address every single one of them, but I can take a moment to jot down the idea I had for the book I’m currently working on, or make a note about something I need to include in Between’s sequel, or, see below, write a quick poem when the mood strikes.

The main point is to be intentional. Listen to yourself and what you need, and stay true to it. Don’t ignore your need to create because you think this isn’t the time for that, but don’t push yourself to create if you’ve exhausted your mental and emotional bandwidth. We’re all handling this in our own ways, and we’re doing the best we can. Take the time to be real about what your best looks like.

How’s everyone holding up? What do you need right now? Talk to me in the comments.

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