Coming Soon: ELLAURIA by Megan Whitmer

When people read my first book, BETWEEN, I usually get a message that asks, “Is there a sequel?” I’ve mostly avoided the question, because for years it’s been a complicated “Yes and no,” but today I get to say, “Yes! There is!”

BETWEEN told the story of 17-year-old Charlie as she travels through the Between to reach Ellauria in order to learn the secrets of the mystical realm and save her brother. USA Today called it, “[Young adult] fantasy at its best,” and I love that book and the characters in it.

Still, I’ve always felt like the story was unfinished. Charlie and her brother are together again at the end of the book, but what about all the trouble happening with magic and the Fellowship, the secret organization that hides mythical creatures from humans?! (If you’ve read the book, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, what are you even doing with your life?)

ELLAURIA tells you what happens next. You get to meet a few new characters, like Addicus, a wise old troll with a penchant for accessories (and my favorite character I’ve written to date); and hang with Charlie as she travels to parts of the mystical realm she didn’t visit in the first book, all while she tries to figure out the source of her powers and how to save magic itself. The story is full of magic and adventure and kissing and I can’t wait for you to read it.

Stay tuned for the cover reveal, publication date, and other fun surprises! In the mean time, if you’ve read BETWEEN, please take a minute to hop over to Amazon and leave a review—even if it’s just a few words, it’s such a big help. If you haven’t read BETWEEN, now would be a great time to do so! You can buy it on Amazon or request it from your local independent bookstore or library (or you can even order it from my local independent bookstore). You can also check out my instagram and facebook feeds today to see how you can enter to win an autographed copy from me!

As always, I love you guys. Thanks for being along for the ride.

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