Patreon: What Is It, Why Did I Start One, and Why Should You Join?

As most of you know, writing is my side gig. It’s the thing I make time for because I love it—and while I do make some income from it, it isn’t a lot. That’s okay, because that’s not why I do it. I have a regular day job, doing marketing and social media work for a local restaurant chain.

In nearly every job I’ve ever had, I’ve had a great deal of autonomy, meaning I felt like I was in complete control of my own success. I’ve generally always managed myself, because my superiors have trusted me to do my job and do it well. Up until this year, that’s worked out really well for me, allowing me to snag this restaurant job that lets me make time for all my creative projects alongside my paying work.

Then 2020 came along, and I learned an important lesson: I don’t have as much control over my income as I thought. In general, I’ve always thought- be good at what you do, and you’ll be fine. In a world where restaurants are suddenly shut down for weeks at a time without notice in the middle of a worlwide pandemic, that’s no longer true for those of us in the restaurant industry.

Enter Patreon, a membership platform that makes it easy for artists and creators to get paid.” It’s a subscription-style setup, where you subscribe to artists you want to support, and supports provide exclusive content and perks in return.

I’ve put a lot of thought into starting a Patreon and what I could offer the creative community at large. I have a lot of creative outlets, but at my core, I’m a writer. In this role, I’ve heard so many people over the years tell me that they wish they could write a book, they wish they had the time, and/or they wish they had the motivation. With that in mind, my Patreon is set up to be a supportive resource for anyone—writer, artists, makers, and thinkers of any kind—who want a creative boost. If you know me at all, you know that giving pep talks to push you to get out of your own way and go after what you want is one of my favorite activities, and my Patreon is designed to do that at every level.

Yes, Patreon is about supporting me as a creator, but I also want it to be useful to those of you who subscribe. At a time when we’ve become increasingly isolated and divided, I want to spend more time creating, and I’d love for you to create with me. With playlists, writing prompts, card pulls, pep talks, virtual group hangouts, etc., there’s something available at all levels.

Interested? Check out my patreon here. When you subscribe, you’ll have access to what’s been posted from the beginning, and you can start taking advantage of the perks right away!

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