Hi, I’m Megan.

The bio in the back of my book says this:

Megan Whitmer loves all things Southern, and has a soft spot for football, kissing scenes, and things that sparkle. She lives in Kentucky with her family. When she’s not writing, Megan spends her time drinking absurd amounts of coffee and dancing her kitchen. Between is her debut novel.

All of that’s true, but there’s more. I’m an INFJ in every sense of the term, an extroverted introvert, who loves to write. I write short stories, novels, freelance articles, and blog posts. I create social media content for myself and a local restaurant chain. I love Kentucky, words, and people who are unapologetically themselves. Sometimes I think I was put on this earth to make people believe in themselves, and I work really hard to eradicate loneliness when I see it. When I’m gone, I hope people remember me as someone who made them feel important.

A friend of mine said it best when she described me as someone who straddles the desire to communicate and the desire to hide. You can often find me on social media delivering pep talks, sharing the hilarity of my daughters, and teetering between writer highs and lows. Find me at @megan_whitmer on Instagram, @meganwhitmer on twitter, or search for me on Facebook!