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Five Favorites: True Crime Podcasts

I have major, major love for true trime podcasts. That isn't a hot take. I realize everyone is riding the true crime wave these days. Still, I find people who love true crime and haven't heard of some of my favorite podcasts, or haven't heard of podcasts PERIOD, and I immediately feel like, "This is… Continue reading Five Favorites: True Crime Podcasts

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Five Singer-Songwriters You Should Love (Because I Do)

  When it comes to music, there’s little I don’t like. My iTunes library is pretty diverse–from Chopin to Metallica to Tone Loc to Brad Paisley to She & Him to Taylor Swift to… get the idea. All genres, all decades, etc. I just. like. music. Whatever mood I’m in, I want a soundtrack for… Continue reading Five Singer-Songwriters You Should Love (Because I Do)