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I’m a Bust a Move Kind of Writer

I'm one of those people who's wanted to be a writer since I was old enough to understand what it meant. Throughout my childhood, I wrote story after story and shared them with everyone I could. And then I stopped. I mean, I wrote all sorts of dramatic emo journal entries and some pretty terrible,… Continue reading I’m a Bust a Move Kind of Writer

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Subjective. It’s all SO subjective.

sub·jec·tive   adj \(ˌ)səb-ˈjek-tiv\   a (1): peculiar to a particular individual : personal;subjective judgments; (2): modified or affected by personal views, experience, or background subjective account of the incident;   So. If you've been querying any amount of time, you've probably gotten at least one of these: "Thank you for the chance to review… Continue reading Subjective. It’s all SO subjective.

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Are you a new author just starting to query?

Because I have something to say to you, if you are. And if you're not, well...congratulations. Your self-esteem must be in fantastic shape because you're not being told "No" every. Single. Day. Just imagine opening your email and receiving a form letter that says something like, "No. Your story's been told, I don't like your… Continue reading Are you a new author just starting to query?