Real Life Superheroes! (Or, what I did for Nanowrimo)

So, that contest I was in? Turned out well. I wasn’t an official winner, but an agent did come back around after it was over and asked for a partial. Lovely way to end my week!  In celebration, I thought I’d post a scene that I cut from my Nanowrimo 2011 novel. Setup- Blake and his family have just moved to Nashville, where he is hoping to reinvent … Continue reading Real Life Superheroes! (Or, what I did for Nanowrimo)

Favorite Books- October 2011

I’ve been reading like a mad woman lately- I think because I’m trying really hard NOT to write. Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month, starts November 1, and I’m trying to save my writing for then. SO. Since I’m planning to basically write around the clock, I thought I’d squeeze in some reading. I’m a pretty fast reader, so I’ve read a LOT. Here are … Continue reading Favorite Books- October 2011