My Mom’s Best Lesson

(This post originally appeared on HerKentucky.) Mothering is one of those things I never know if I’m doing right. I often find myself saying, “I’ll do it better next time.” Next year, I’ll send out the birthday invitations earlier. Next month, I will make amazing colorful, healthy lunches for Lauren every day. Next week, I’ll make a homemade dinner every night. Tomorrow, I won’t lose … Continue reading My Mom’s Best Lesson

Valentine Ideas for the Kiddos

(This post originally appeared on HerKentucky.) Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that always sneaks up on me. Much like my Christmas ideas, I always plan on doing really cute homemade valentines with my girls, and then suddenly it’s February 12 and I realize I have nothing prepared. Luckily, I’ve saved a few cute homemade ideas over the years, and today I decided I’d make … Continue reading Valentine Ideas for the Kiddos

Holiday Traditions: Reality Check

(This post originally appeared on HerKentucky.) Every year, I dream up these elaborate plans for beautifully executed Christmas traditions to do with my family. My daughters are 3 and 6, the perfect age to be completely swept up in the magic of the season. I found some really great ones for this year. I’ll link them up for you in case you’re interested. All Aboard … Continue reading Holiday Traditions: Reality Check