Subjective. It’s all SO subjective.

sub·jec·tive   adj \(ˌ)səb-ˈjek-tiv\   a (1): peculiar to a particular individual : personal;subjective judgments; (2): modified or affected by personal views, experience, or background subjective account of the incident;   So. If you’ve been querying any amount of time, you’ve probably gotten at least one of these: “Thank you for the chance to review your work. Unfortunately, this is not a good fit for … Continue reading Subjective. It’s all SO subjective.

What’s the hurry?

**QUICK NOTE: I made it to the second round in the Agent Blind Speed-Dating contest over at Cupid’s Literary Connection!! Woohoo! Next week the literary agents start looking at the entries. Super excited. I’m not going to tell you guys which post was mine, because I think the contest is supposed to be anonymous (since it says “Blind” speed dating and all) but it wouldn’t … Continue reading What’s the hurry?

Some of my favorite sentences…

**Check out! “An undercover cupid who specializes in bringing talented writers together with astounding literary agents in not so romantical but magical ways.” Cupid’s set up a contest in which 100 writers sent in queries and the first 250 words of their manuscripts. Then there are four bouncers who decide who goes to round 2. In round 2, twelve literary agents review the entries and … Continue reading Some of my favorite sentences…

Are you a new author just starting to query?

Because I have something to say to you, if you are. And if you’re not, well…congratulations. Your self-esteem must be in fantastic shape because you’re not being told “No” every. Single. Day. Just imagine opening your email and receiving a form letter that says something like, “No. Your story’s been told, I don’t like your characters, and your hair looks really terrible today.” So anyway. … Continue reading Are you a new author just starting to query?